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Calculate the Cost of your Wedding
How much is my wedding going to cost?

Coping with Change While Planning Your Wedding

How to Avoid a Cookie Cutter Wedding
The guests are being seated to the tune of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Next is “Here comes the bride” as the bride, preceded by her wedding party, enters in her white A-line gown, holding her bouquet of roses. During the traditional, religious ceremony, the unity candle is lit, the couple says I do, and 1 Corinthians 13 is read aloud. Immediately following the ceremony, guests scurry to find their assigned seats at their round, white linen covered tables.

Ode to Wedding Coordinators

Two cheers for wedding coordinators! And another thing – they can be hired for an hourly consultation to go over your flow, they can be hired for the planning part or even just for the day

Saving your marriage before it starts
Planning for one day is big, but planning for your marriage is bigger.

Two Hearts Become One: Marriage and Insurance- What to Do?

Two Hearts Become One: Marriage and Insurance- What to Do?

Simple Planning Minnesota Wedding
Are you planning your wedding day? Is it becoming alot? Are you having difficulty deciding on the right vendor? Are you having a tough time finding the perfect vendor that fits your personality for your special event?

The First Dance in Today’s Complex Family
Perhaps you’ve managed to tackle sticky situations such how to address the wedding invitations or who is going to walk the bride down the aisle. You’ve survived the wedding showers with relatives you’ve never met and are ready for this wedding to happen already!

Attire, Dresses, Tuxedos, and more…

Tips on Buying Your Wedding Gown
Shopping for your wedding gown should be easy and stress free. For most brides, it is anything but! My name is Ingrid and I work for Mestads Bridal and Formal Wear in Rochester, MN. Over the last 6 years, I have worked with hundreds of brides and have noticed a few things that can make shopping for your gown pleasant and fun. So without further a-do here we go…

Wedding Attire FAQ

What to wear? Q: Can I wear a sleeveless gown for a fall or winter wedding?

Bachelorette & Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Planning
No Stripper?? Planning a fab bash without the skin!

Lovable Lingerie for Every Body
Today, lingerie is designed for every body. For romance or comfort…your wedding day, honeymoon, special occasions or every day of the week…lingerie can reveal (or conceal) any figure to provide function and flattery.

Ceremony & Reception

Celebrations, Weddings, Events at the Club

Why try the Club? There is no better place to celebrate and entertain than Somerby Golf Club. The Cossington Boardroom is the perfect setting to host meetings and private dining up to 15 people. Our elegant Manchester Hall Ballroom can accommodate from 20 to 330 people for banquets, wedding receptions, dinners and holiday parties.

Get your guests talking at their tables!

Guests, Food, and Entertainment

Improving your reception: One solution for three common reception problems
Entertain your guests and improve your reception. One solution for three common reception problems

Things to Consider When Hiring a DJ so your GUESTS are guaranteed to have a good time.
What is the most important part of your wedding? The memories! And of those memories, which ones will be remembered most? Will it be the food? Will it be the flowers? Or will it be the great time you and your guests had at the wedding dance?

Tips for Hiring a DJ
Get to know your DJ before bringing him to your wedding to entertain your guests.

Wedding Favors: Making Your Favors Perfect
Who wouldn’t love to be able to pick the perfect thank you treat for all those special friends and family you invited to share in perhaps the most spectacular day of your life?

Blushing Bride Cocktail
Cocktails that are perfect for just the two of you, a special nite with friends, a shower any special event.

Fruity Champagne
Give bubbly a boost with jewel-like cranberry-, pomegranate-, and apricot-infused sugar cubes.

Grapefruit and Mint Mojito

Photographer Corner

Shower Ideas

Bridal Shower Games
Activities and sample games for a bridal shower. Looking for fun activities to entertain your shower guests? Whether your guests are traditional or zany, try one of these fun sample bridal shower games…

Top 12 Design Ideas For Shower Invitations
We’ve come a long way from those store-bought, fill-in the blank bridal shower invitations! Now, you can design stylish, personalized invitations with a dash of innovation and a match to the guest of honor’s style. Here are the top design tips and trends to inspire you:

Wedding Etiquette

The Best Man’s Toast 10 Must-Have Tips
I have seen thousands of best man toasts. I have been moved to tears on many occasion; sometimes because the toast was moving and full of love, other times because the toast was mean-spirited and inappropriate.

Wedding Planning Resources

A Day to Remember …on a Budget
We all dream of the day when we walk down the aisle to join our life to the one we love. And though our dreams rarely involve the wedding-related bills, cost is a significant factor in any weddingcelebration.

Begin Planning…Ask for Help!
Congratulations your engaged! Now the fun begins. Start planning and have fun while your searching, shopping, and connecting with all the right resources to prepare for your special day.

Enjoy Your Wedding Day!
I was watching The Early Show while getting ready for work today. Laura and Jenna Bush were on promoting a children’s book they co-authored. The last few minutes of the interview, Mrs. Bush was asked what she hopes for her daughter on her wedding day. I was putting on mascara while she was speaking, so I have to paraphrase what she said…

Get the most out of your wedding day by making it yours!
It’s happened! Maybe by accident, maybe by years of growing together, but it’s happened. You are getting married! This is the day you have envisioned as one of the happiest, most beautiful days of your life. Now let’s make it happen that way!

The Top 10 Reasons to Renew Your Wedding Vows
More and more married couples are choosing to renew their wedding vows – either in small, intimate, family-only celebrations at home, or as bigger-than-the-original-wedding extravaganzas in a ballroom. Some couples renew their vows while on vacation with their families, exchanging loving words by a Hawaiian waterfall

Top 12 Design Ideas For Save the Date Cards
A great Save the Date card serves not only as a way to let guests know to keep that day or weekend reserved for your wedding, but also as a way to share other important information such as travel arrangements and accommodations that need to be made.

Wedding Checklist – Getting started planning your special day
The following checklist should help you fulfill your wedding needs from the minute you get engaged to the second your honeymoon flight leaves the tarmac. However, these tasks are not all-inclusive.

Wedding Checklist Landmines: A Simple Item Turns Into An Emotional Battlefield

Wedding checklists, planners, books, and magazines are extremely useful. The ideas, creativity, and expertise of wedding vendors are amazing and hard to stop reading. Every where you turn is a new trend, a new twist, a new product to make your wedding more beautiful, more fun, more unique.

Wedding Cost Search by Zipcode

Enter your Zipcode and see what is the estimated cost to have a wedding in your area.

What Wedding Planning Taught Me About Marriage

You would think as the daughter of a marriage and family therapist, professor, and writer of family life that when I became engaged it would not be so startling.

Who Generally Pays for What

Wedding financial responsibilities have changed quite a bit over the past 10-20 years so what I will do is give you the old ettiquette and add a few changes that have occurred over time at the end. It is important to remember that traditionally the majority of the expense was covered by the brides family but with our more modern times another approach has been to divide the costs between the couple, and both sets of parents.

Who Pays for the Wedding—and Other Hurdles! A Modern Bride Magazine Trendsetter Award Winners’ Perspective
I remember the money talk when I got engaged. My now-husband and I each made good money, but we were only 25 and 26 when we met—hardly time to build a financial stockpile. We both wanted a real wedding, no question about it. We also knew the expense would be great.

Wedding Shows and Bridal Fairs

Be Prepared at Bridal Shows
Attending a bridal show can be an essential part of planning your wedding. It is your one-stop-shop to meet multiple vendors, see examples of their work and be able to ask all your questions. Be prepared before you go – read the hints below!

Wedding Tips from Vendors

Let Them Eat Great Cake

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, it is also in the taste buds when it comes to wedding cake. Gone are the days when a bride was limited to white cake with white frosting or plain chocolate cake – if she was daring. Traditions are important and relied upon with most wedding planning.

On Your Wedding Day, Give Back
More and more couples in this day and age are for-going registering for traditional wedding gifts such as toasters and bath towels. Why? Brides and grooms are older now and have been living on their own for sometime, or co-habitating with their fiancé. They already have all of the household items that they need.

Wedding Travel Destinations

Destination Weddings
Thinking of a Destination Wedding? It is the newest, hottest way to get married! Maybe it’s a second marriage, a chance to combine a wedding with a family reunion trip, or your dream of getting married in an exotic location. Maybe it is the “one stop” shopping of a Destination Wedding that appeals to you.

Honeymoon Destinations & Ideas
Domestic: Orlando, Florida – America’s Playground. Orlando is the place for year round fun. Located in central Florida, Orlando boasts the Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and Sea World, as well as more than 50 other major attractions in the area. Orlando is the perfect setting for your honeymoon; you can customize your fun-filled honeymoon getaway with golf, theme park tickets, and much more.