Congratulations, you’ve agreed to become the officiant for your best friend’s wedding! But wait.. what exactly does this entail? Join us as we discuss tips for being a wedding officiant.

More and more couples these days are choosing to save a few bucks and go the more personal route of having a friend or family member officiate their wedding. It’s a great honor and a unique opportunity to officiate for a wedding. If you have been chosen, the first thing to do is to become familiar with the laws in the state where the marriage will take place, even before becoming ordained. You’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with the laws on the Secretary of State website to make sure that your ordination will be legal, and to avoid any possible fines down the road.

Nowadays it is easy to become ordained online. Do a little research and choose what religious organization you would like to become ordained through. Depending on what you choose, your ordination may be free, or you may have to pay a small fee or take a few classes. Make sure that your ordination does not expire before the wedding day, and you’re golden!

When it comes to the ceremony, remember to be professional and to take your position seriously. You can still be sure to have a bit of fun, especially if you are close to the couple getting married, but remember that you are playing the role of the law in their ceremony. Make your speeches sincere and be sure to dress appropriately to the tone of the wedding. Feel free to practice your role before the rehearsal and the ceremony, so that you can exude confidence when your time comes.

And last but not least, enjoy the big day!

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