A great way to show your groom you appreciate him is to give a thoughtful gift on your wedding day. Whether you give it to him yourself, or leave it in the dressing room for him, it will make a meaningful impression for him to receive a last-minute gift from you. Join us as we discuss thoughtful gift ideas for your groom.

There’s nothing like a simple surprise to put a smile on your groom’s face and ease his nerves on the morning of your wedding day. This time is a sweet opportunity to give him one last gift before you say your vows. We love the idea of buying him a classy new leather wallet, so that he can have a fresh start from your wedding day on. It’s so common for wallets to get cluttered with old bits of paper, so the opportunity to transfer his cash and cards to a new wallet is a great way to offer a refreshing start. It may even help to ease his nerves and clear his mind to face the big day.

Another great gift is to give him a manly manicure set. Nothing is more annoying than a last-minute hangnail that lacks the proper tool to remove! Consider buying him a classy felt manicure set, with man-sized nail clippers and a sturdy nail file. This is an incredibly useful gift, and will be great for future use, to store in his desk or in the glovebox of his car.

If your man doesn’t already have a great watch, consider giving him a classy watch or pocket watch that will compliment his wedding attire. This is a great gift that could last a lifetime, and will always serve to remind him of your wedding day.

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