The time has finally come, all of your meticulous planning and budgeting has finally led to your wedding day! But what happens when things start to hiccup or go wrong? Join us as we discuss ways to remain calm on your wedding day, despite the unexpected.

The best piece of advice as your wedding day approaches is to stay relaxed and expect that perhaps not everything will go according to plan. Remember that this day is not about perfection, but is about celebrating your love with the people you care about. Allow yourself to relax in the time before the wedding, and make sure to get enough sleep the night before! This will be critical in allowing you to enjoy the day, and will make things seem much less stressful if they do go wrong.

No matter how things can turn to the unexpected, there is always a way to make the situation playful instead of stressful. If heavy rain clouds threaten to devastate your plans, take the opportunity to buy some matching rain boots and turn the moment into a romantic photo shoot. Use the time to relax in the company of your love and turn to humor as a remedy.

Another great way to handle the unexpected is to remember that you have surrounded yourself with people you love and trust. Your bridesmaids are there for you should something go awry, so be sure to ask for anything you need, and trust them to take care of it. The day will glow with the warmth of the company you invite, and your guests will enjoy themselves, no matter what small details may go amiss. Chances are that you’ll notice more than anyone else, so be sure to take it easy and enjoy the day, no matter what happens.

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